Sunday, December 23, 2007

POWER rankings: volume 1

RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! in a way to spice up this site, i've decided to create some power rankings that chronicles the happenings in my life not mentioned on this blog into a weekly/monthly/yearly power rankings mumbojumbo. these are based on what's important in my life and i do not care what you think, your views are surely petty and worthless.

1) CHRISTMAS. last week: 10 change: +9

i fucking hate christmas but its the biggest thing happening this week. everyone's going around like fucking maniacs getting presents and other aesthetically pleasing things for the families and loved ones. don't get me wrong here. i love christmas. it's my favorite holiday by far. however, christmas is like alcohol. it makes you do things you soon regret. for example, i had to go to a fabric store today whose name i will not give out (michael's) to get fabric for this present. i looked like a lost boy trying to find fabric, only to be told that fabric is not sold there. thanks dumb bitch, i now know that after i've wandered aimlessly in your store for an hour.

2) SLEEPING IN. last week: 89 change: +87

i get to sleep in during winter break. i absolutely love it.

3) FINDING A JOB. last week: 6 change: +3

i have to find a job/internship for this summer. now that i'm home, the scrutiny intensifies and the pressure mounts from the parents go get one. i'm starting to send my resume out to sports teams and organizations i want to work for. so we'll see how that goes. as long as i don't coach kids, serve food, be someone's bitch, or work on cars, i'll be happy.

4) PICKUP BASKETBALL. last week: NR change: through the roof

i'm starting to play basketball again with my friends once again. i played a lot over the summer, honed my street skills, and now i lost them in the process of flag football. expect this one to stay up there for awhile, because i have a feeling i'll be doing a lot it over break. (that's what she said)

5) CHEESECAKE FACTORY. last week: 171 change: +166

i went to the cheesecake factory for dinner this week and it was fucking delicious. it was so good. if you have never been to the cheesecake, then i suggest you get yourself to one as soon as possible. if you're reading this in place as crappy as south carolina, well then it sucks for you. definitely go. they have great food. but make sure to take a friend who won't ask you about your personal life.


7) THE HUMPTY DANCE last week: 45
9) METRO last week: 68
10) HOCKEY last week: didn't exist



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