Friday, November 30, 2007


i'm going to a semi-formal tonight.

it's probably going to be the most interesting thing i've done since halloween. hopefully, i won't want to eat girls' breasts and steal kegs this time.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

sean taylor: the baddest mfer ever

i don't know what to say about sean taylor. so many thoughts run through my head about this man, this meast. thoughts about how he was my favorite player, thoughts about how i'm going to go on with my sundays not knowing he's going to be out there, and even thoughts about the family and friends he's left behind.

i also don't know why i feel so attached to taylor. he's only a football player who does his job. he's not an enigmatic personality who talks to the media incessantly. in fact, he shuns the media and lets his play on the field do the talking for him. he's such a mysterious figure. never talks the media and so we could only make assumptions about him based on his balls-to-the-wall type of play and his gangsta-like lifestyle that he lived off the field. and we all made some pretty great assumptions about the man. how he could run through walls, how he could walk on water and not get wet. those kinds of things. a myth, something like a tall tale. you can hype him up so much to the great beast of man that can cure cancer and turn water into wine, but in the end like a tragic hero, he is nothing more than a mere mortal.

i again don't know why i started liking sean taylor. maybe it was because of my obsession about miami. it all started in 8th grade when my friend brian and i would just talk and talk and talk about the u and its greatness. santana moss. clinton portis. jeremy shockey. ed reed. the list goes on and on. but one year this kid comes on the scene with an "i don't give a fuck about you" attitude and lived to jack the shit of his opponents. his name was sean michael maurice taylor. i'll never forget the orange visor. he just looked like a robot with two modes: off and kill. that mentality makes it so easy for a person to fall in love with him. i mean he was my first mancrush. mancrush as in you have greatest and upmost respect for a player that you would do anything for them except anything gay. because gay would be crossing the line from mancrush to unhealthy, gay obsession. anyway, he rocked the u and then the redskins. it was like a dream come true. my favorite player playing for my favorite team. he was a BAMF his first few years, spitting in people's faces, leaving meetings, and even wearing ridiculous socks. i didn't care about what he did, because he had this way about him. this mysterious, dark figure that doesn't give a fuck about anything or anyone. a guy there just to play the game and not to get caught up in the hype. he lived to play the game.

a friend asked me how it felt to know that your favorite player died. i told him i felt like a part of me died today with sean and i don't think i'll ever get it back. people are raised to believed that sports figures are their heroes. superior athletic ability and killer instinct let the cream of the crop rise to the top. and now my hero is dead. he only played three and half years. and now instead of taking my kids to see the twilight of taylor's career. i now have to describe to them taylor and they'll just think i'm some crazy person. they'll never know but i honestly hope that they'll find someone like sean to revere for his play, not his issues. i hope that everyone thanks their lucky stars that they're able to see their player play on sunday, while mine will sit six feet under for the rest of eternity. it's really depressing, but i'll move on. there's no other choice. ave atque vale, sean. wherever it is that you may go, they probably won't flag you for unnecessary roughness there.

Monday, November 26, 2007

say it ain't so sean.

at this hour, sean taylor is the victim of a shooting at his home early this morning, according to some fine sources out there. taylor's home in miami was apparently burglarized at 2AM, where he was shot in the leg. news sources say he is in critical condition, and "fighting for his life" as he is currently in critical condition. although my thoughts and prayers go out to sean and the taylor family, i have a few questions/comments/concerns about this whole situation.

1) why is taylor in miami? shouldn't he be in dc rehabbing his injury?
2) home security? has taylor learned this lesson from the preceding tragedies of athletes before him? nope.
3) the redskins are fucked if he doesn't recover fully.
4) sean taylor probably jacked the shit out of the shooter on one leg. he's that good.
5) i hope that this isn't true. i love me some sean taylor.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


how can you get america to care about making a difference in a world where it seems as if all hope is lost?

answer that for me.

happy thanksgiving

Monday, November 19, 2007

facebook events.

i recently had to create a facebook event. it's for a class project and we have to create and run an actual event to raise money for a charitable cause. it's really stupid, but try telling that to the professor when it's 40% of your grade. although i think that the causes are really great, the project is nothing more than a waste of time and something that is not going to change the world. yes, it might increase civic awareness and the benefits of doing good for the community, but i have seen little evidence of this actually helping people. the foundation we're raising money for, the public safety foundation, needs thermal imaging cameras for fire stations throughout the country. at this rate, with the money we've raised, we can probably get them a nice set of kiddie binoculars for them to use.

but here's the point that i'm trying to get at while going around in circle. i had to make a facebook event for this event and so i invited all the people i knew that would be willing to come and support a great cause. it turns out that 80% of the people i invited to stop by or even donate declined the invite. and what i'm convinced through this showing is that people don't really read the event and they only read who sent the invite. the reasoning behind this notion was proved when 3 people who were already on facebook already declined nearly 2 minutes after i sent out the invites. first of all, why does a person respond so quickly to this event. i mean, shit, it took me a week to finally create this stupid event and it takes the person 3 seconds to reject it. that's some weak sauce.

and i'm sure they didn't even read the description. they just looked at the person sending and decided if they liked the person enough to accept or reject. no one ever does anything on a tuesday night. how can you reject something for a charitable cause when you have nothing better to do. i know it's stupid but it's like a slap in the face when someone rejects you for a fucking facebook event. it's kind of like "we're cool with each other but when you need my help, i'm leaving you to be eaten by the wolves." i mean, the least you can fucking do is say maybe attending because at least there's a chance. but rejecting? you have no heart. see if i fucking help any of you fuckers who rejected. i take it personally. it's bullshit. total, complete, and utter bullshit.

alright, i need to get off my soapbox. i'm done ranting and raving for a while. thank you to the 20 people who said they were attending or maybe attending. i appreciate it.

eating my words.

so i knew that i should have never posted the fact that i was guaranteeing a win against kyle bohman. how stupid of me. i can't believe i was arrogant enough to guaranteeing a win on a night when randy moss and tom brady nearly combine to outscore my entire team. it's pathetic and now my team is 6-5, on the outside looking in for playoffs. so thanks kyle, you completely ruined the little confidence that i had left after what the redskins and gamecocks have done to me. now i'm just going to go cry in a corner until the wizards are over .500.

god i hate being a washington dc sports fan right now.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

suck it kyle.

i'm about to beat kyle bohman in fantasy football today because he's an idiot and he doesn't check his lineup. so kyle,


Thursday, November 15, 2007


so there's this girl i know. we're pretty good friends and i have this thing for her. not like "i want to get you drunk and sleep with you" thing, but something more like "you're really cool and we should date" kind of thing. she's a really smart and intelligent girl. she can carry a conversation with and she has a great sense of humor. good body, curves in all the right places, everything i could possibly want in a girl. and here's the clincher: i like being around her and she makes me happy. i don't think i've ever felt this happy around a person since i was with jessica.

however, there is a problem. we're totally different. different in the way that we are, the friends we hang out with, and our preferences about everything. it's really weird for me to be attracted to her but as i said earlier, she makes me happy. another thing holding me back is the fact that i don't want to put myself out there yet. i'm perfectly content with the single life for now, with the exception of every now and then, and i'm not in a rush to put myself out there again. i did come out of a long relationship and it's hard to get your feet moving again after being infatuated with one person for so long. maybe i'm just afraid of getting hurt, because i already now what she's going to say. she's going to turn me down and be nice about it, saying that we should just be friends. being friends is the ultimate killer for any potential arising for a guy and a girl. it makes their future interactions awkward now they know what the other person feels about them. i'm no love doctor but i just know its going to turn out that way because this story sounds all too familiar.

so what do i do? take my chances and put my heart on my sleeve or keep my shit and just be friends? we'll see what happens between now and thanksgiving. peace.

Friday, November 9, 2007

what happened to you?

what happened to you?
you used to say that we'd always be friends
and now you don't give me the time of day
we did a lot of things together
and made some great memories
but then you changed

what happened to you?
you went up and left
left for bigger and better things
you promised to keep in touch
but you're having so much fun now
going out, partying every night
sleeping with guys whom you don't even know

what happened to you?
you used to be nice
and now all i hear is that you're a bitch
they say you're mean, spiteful
always rude
and the conversation always has to be about you

what happened to you?
you used to be motivated
and now you don't give a fuck
you say that you don't care
but i know that you really do
you just want to give up

what happened to you?
you said you always wanted to leave home
explore the big sights and follow your dreams
but every time you come crawling back to it
you say its your safe haven
but we all know that's where you'll end up

what happened to you?
you said that you were too good for us
and you went on a different track
maybe it's for the best
because we've all moved on
and never looked back

what happened to you?
we used to be friends
and that's all we'll ever be
i hope you like your new life
because i'm done with you
but it's that you can't see

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

losing to douchebags and faggots.

so my flag football team was eliminated in the second round of the playoffs tonight. we went to the well one too many times and when the game was on the line, there wasn't any water left. i'm fine with the fact that we lost, i'll eventually get over it, but it's just the way in which we lost is what disheartens me. it was one of the games where you lose in such a way that you think everything is going wrong with your life and you're just a useless sack of shit.

we had a chance to win the game. we started off well as i threw a touchdown pass on the first drive. but then we literally hit the iceberg and began to sink. incomplete. fumble. dropped pass. interception. all the while our frustration level is growing among our team as a whole can't make the plays. and the thing that's making it worse is one fucker in particular. this kid keeps talking shit about how he "can get through three guys at once," or call our team "a bunch of pretty boys" (furthest thing from it). i got so angry at the kid earlier in the game, that after my first interception, i went after the talking piece of shit and trampled over him liked the little bitch he is. i was flagged for it, but it felt incredible to knock him over.

but there's one play in particular that changed the whole game. there's about 5 minutes left in the game with the score tied at 6. it was 3rd down and about 10. we call outs for our play, confident that we can sling to one of receivers for the first down. not the case. my pass was a little off and the trailing cornerback snatched it out of the air to return it the other way. i ran at an angle towards the corner but then this fucking kid comes up again with this smile on his face as if he think his teammate had it made. i pushed the kid out of bounds, but by the time i'm done squashing beef with this faggot, the corner is gone and into the end zone. i threw my flags down and walked off the field to slam personal items, like my water bottle, into the ground.

i don't think i've ever been that mad before while playing sports. granted, i did get ejected from a basketball game in 5th grade for kicking someone in the shin after they knocked my glasses off and i fucked up my entire mixed age relay when i was 11. (i'm pretty sure i was in my "get really mad and slam shit because it's badass and you can make sportscenter" phase.) but anyway, i felt helpless towards the whole situation. i had let this loser get the best of me and now my team is going to lose the game because i went after this faggot twice. we had the better team and were in the position to win but i just could not get it done. and that makes me so mad because if i were to have aimed a little more to the left, we wouldn't have this problem and i wouldn't be writing tonight. everything happens for a reason so i hope that sad sack of shit gets what's coming to him. if only that were true.

but as the cubs always say, there's always next year.