Monday, December 31, 2007

obligatory year in review post

everyone has these kinds of posts. end of the year. what did i do? what did i not do? how did i become a better person? it eventually goes to the point where you question your existence and whether the year was worthwhile to your purpose of living. luckily, for my audience consisting of two people who randomly stumbled across this post or the six of you who are trying to dig up some dirt on my life as if this was still high school, i don't think that deeply. yeah, i will recall some of the things i did during the year, but it's not going to be very philosophical. straight, and to the point. (that's what she said...haha). if you don't want to read this whole, drawn-out post about my year. i'll give it to you in two words: it sucked.

2007 was not the greatest year for me. it wasn't the worst (close third to 2000, 2005, and maybe 2002), but it certainly was not the best. 2007 was all about change. one year ago, i had a steady girlfriend whom i loved, a shitty car, and i could still claim purity of some sort. now, as i write today, i have an ex-girlfriend who can go fuck herself, a nice new car, and a first-class ticket to hell. my what a year can do you.

but i vow that 2008 will be a much better year. it has to be since 2007 could not have gotten much worse with personal and family issues. i've come to the realization that my life is beginning to waste itself away and that if i do not take control with what i want to do, it will slip away and be forever gone. so my new year's resolution is this: in addition to exercising more and being a better person, i want to do things that are memorable. this should be the time of my life folks. i need the motivation to get out and do shit with my life before i'm confined to an office for the rest of my life.

and with that being said, hopefully 2008 will be filled with exciting adventures and unforgettable moments.


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