Sunday, December 23, 2007

hockey does exist!

out of sheer boredom from being home for winter break, i went to a washington capitals game the other night. not the washington wizards, the best basketball in all the land, but the fucking washington capitals, the local hockey team. (apparently, hockey still exists, and i wasn't aware of it) but kidding and jokes aside, i went to go see the caps play against the montreal canadiens. going into the game, i learned quite a few things about hockey that are true and some things that are not:

1) hockey apparently survived into the 21st century. damnit. fuck. cock. balls. that wasn't supposed to happen.
2) more than 12 people show up to games. there were about 13,000 out of 20,000 at the phone booth that night. not too shabby.
3) the citizens of canada are not the only players of hockey. other countries play it too and they enjoy it just as much. suck it frozen ponds of manitoba.
4) the capitals have more than two players. before that night, all i knew were ovechkin and some black dude who doesn't look like he belongs. now the capitals have a full team except that no cares.
5) the capitals are better off the ice and than on. the fucking caps lost 5-2 to montreal but the day before managed to tear shit up on segways as shown below: (thanks to dc sports bog and steinzzz)

6) hockey isn't that bad. perhaps i'll go to another game in the near future.

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