Thursday, December 6, 2007

fire joe gibbs.

yes, you read that one right folks. i want the crusty old fuck gone and out of here. as a redskins fan, i am sick and tired of watching my team blow games and lose them due to circumstances that we can control but wish to ignore. for instance, two games come to mind when i speak of this mess that we have created: the giants game back in september and the bills game last week.

with the giants game, how can you call two run plays in a row with two yards to go. the defense knows exactly what's coming. they're going to stack the box and stuff any running game you try to squeeze out. i think i screamed at the tv for at least 10 minutes after game because i was so mad. and then with the bills debacle last week, i have only words of hatred for gibbs. i cannot believe that after multiple decades of coaching, you still do not know the rules. you have got to be kidding me. you pretty much gave the game away joe. next time, you should seriously consider just dropping dead during the game so they can win.

it's so heartbreaking to see a team that you love so much and cheer your heart for crumble into a diabolical mess that has no point of return. 30 days ago, the skins were 5-3 and looking to make a playoff run. now we're 5-7, looking at 5-8 with our best defensive player gone for good. i mean, jason campbell has played well at times, but we have a chance to win, he falls apart. don't get me wrong, he's a great quarterback, but you have to be careful with the ball. of the 4 games we've recently lost, we should have won 3 of them. philadelphia was just poor ball control, tampa bay gave us too many chances, and buffalo would have been done away with if not of clinton portis' 50 yards on 25 carries.

so as a redskin fan, looking out for the best interests of my team, i want joe gibbs gone. gone in the way that michael jordan left dc. quick, hasty, and leaving lots of bad blood at the door. the game has passed gibbs by and i am tired of seeing the ineptitude of our team kill themselves. we have a talented team, we just squander our chances with dumb mistakes both by players and coaches. i understand with the players, because they are young and still learning the game. but with coaches? give me a break. it is your job to know the rules and to call the right plays. and if they can't go a satisfactory job, then someone else will. i am tired of losing and wasting all of this financial effort for mediocre seasons. i don't care if he wins out and get us at 9-7. i want him gone. he's done. finished. dead.

i hope people agree with me on this. if not, then they will after tonight.

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