Monday, November 26, 2007

say it ain't so sean.

at this hour, sean taylor is the victim of a shooting at his home early this morning, according to some fine sources out there. taylor's home in miami was apparently burglarized at 2AM, where he was shot in the leg. news sources say he is in critical condition, and "fighting for his life" as he is currently in critical condition. although my thoughts and prayers go out to sean and the taylor family, i have a few questions/comments/concerns about this whole situation.

1) why is taylor in miami? shouldn't he be in dc rehabbing his injury?
2) home security? has taylor learned this lesson from the preceding tragedies of athletes before him? nope.
3) the redskins are fucked if he doesn't recover fully.
4) sean taylor probably jacked the shit out of the shooter on one leg. he's that good.
5) i hope that this isn't true. i love me some sean taylor.

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