Monday, November 19, 2007

facebook events.

i recently had to create a facebook event. it's for a class project and we have to create and run an actual event to raise money for a charitable cause. it's really stupid, but try telling that to the professor when it's 40% of your grade. although i think that the causes are really great, the project is nothing more than a waste of time and something that is not going to change the world. yes, it might increase civic awareness and the benefits of doing good for the community, but i have seen little evidence of this actually helping people. the foundation we're raising money for, the public safety foundation, needs thermal imaging cameras for fire stations throughout the country. at this rate, with the money we've raised, we can probably get them a nice set of kiddie binoculars for them to use.

but here's the point that i'm trying to get at while going around in circle. i had to make a facebook event for this event and so i invited all the people i knew that would be willing to come and support a great cause. it turns out that 80% of the people i invited to stop by or even donate declined the invite. and what i'm convinced through this showing is that people don't really read the event and they only read who sent the invite. the reasoning behind this notion was proved when 3 people who were already on facebook already declined nearly 2 minutes after i sent out the invites. first of all, why does a person respond so quickly to this event. i mean, shit, it took me a week to finally create this stupid event and it takes the person 3 seconds to reject it. that's some weak sauce.

and i'm sure they didn't even read the description. they just looked at the person sending and decided if they liked the person enough to accept or reject. no one ever does anything on a tuesday night. how can you reject something for a charitable cause when you have nothing better to do. i know it's stupid but it's like a slap in the face when someone rejects you for a fucking facebook event. it's kind of like "we're cool with each other but when you need my help, i'm leaving you to be eaten by the wolves." i mean, the least you can fucking do is say maybe attending because at least there's a chance. but rejecting? you have no heart. see if i fucking help any of you fuckers who rejected. i take it personally. it's bullshit. total, complete, and utter bullshit.

alright, i need to get off my soapbox. i'm done ranting and raving for a while. thank you to the 20 people who said they were attending or maybe attending. i appreciate it.

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