Thursday, November 15, 2007


so there's this girl i know. we're pretty good friends and i have this thing for her. not like "i want to get you drunk and sleep with you" thing, but something more like "you're really cool and we should date" kind of thing. she's a really smart and intelligent girl. she can carry a conversation with and she has a great sense of humor. good body, curves in all the right places, everything i could possibly want in a girl. and here's the clincher: i like being around her and she makes me happy. i don't think i've ever felt this happy around a person since i was with jessica.

however, there is a problem. we're totally different. different in the way that we are, the friends we hang out with, and our preferences about everything. it's really weird for me to be attracted to her but as i said earlier, she makes me happy. another thing holding me back is the fact that i don't want to put myself out there yet. i'm perfectly content with the single life for now, with the exception of every now and then, and i'm not in a rush to put myself out there again. i did come out of a long relationship and it's hard to get your feet moving again after being infatuated with one person for so long. maybe i'm just afraid of getting hurt, because i already now what she's going to say. she's going to turn me down and be nice about it, saying that we should just be friends. being friends is the ultimate killer for any potential arising for a guy and a girl. it makes their future interactions awkward now they know what the other person feels about them. i'm no love doctor but i just know its going to turn out that way because this story sounds all too familiar.

so what do i do? take my chances and put my heart on my sleeve or keep my shit and just be friends? we'll see what happens between now and thanksgiving. peace.

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