Wednesday, November 7, 2007

losing to douchebags and faggots.

so my flag football team was eliminated in the second round of the playoffs tonight. we went to the well one too many times and when the game was on the line, there wasn't any water left. i'm fine with the fact that we lost, i'll eventually get over it, but it's just the way in which we lost is what disheartens me. it was one of the games where you lose in such a way that you think everything is going wrong with your life and you're just a useless sack of shit.

we had a chance to win the game. we started off well as i threw a touchdown pass on the first drive. but then we literally hit the iceberg and began to sink. incomplete. fumble. dropped pass. interception. all the while our frustration level is growing among our team as a whole can't make the plays. and the thing that's making it worse is one fucker in particular. this kid keeps talking shit about how he "can get through three guys at once," or call our team "a bunch of pretty boys" (furthest thing from it). i got so angry at the kid earlier in the game, that after my first interception, i went after the talking piece of shit and trampled over him liked the little bitch he is. i was flagged for it, but it felt incredible to knock him over.

but there's one play in particular that changed the whole game. there's about 5 minutes left in the game with the score tied at 6. it was 3rd down and about 10. we call outs for our play, confident that we can sling to one of receivers for the first down. not the case. my pass was a little off and the trailing cornerback snatched it out of the air to return it the other way. i ran at an angle towards the corner but then this fucking kid comes up again with this smile on his face as if he think his teammate had it made. i pushed the kid out of bounds, but by the time i'm done squashing beef with this faggot, the corner is gone and into the end zone. i threw my flags down and walked off the field to slam personal items, like my water bottle, into the ground.

i don't think i've ever been that mad before while playing sports. granted, i did get ejected from a basketball game in 5th grade for kicking someone in the shin after they knocked my glasses off and i fucked up my entire mixed age relay when i was 11. (i'm pretty sure i was in my "get really mad and slam shit because it's badass and you can make sportscenter" phase.) but anyway, i felt helpless towards the whole situation. i had let this loser get the best of me and now my team is going to lose the game because i went after this faggot twice. we had the better team and were in the position to win but i just could not get it done. and that makes me so mad because if i were to have aimed a little more to the left, we wouldn't have this problem and i wouldn't be writing tonight. everything happens for a reason so i hope that sad sack of shit gets what's coming to him. if only that were true.

but as the cubs always say, there's always next year.

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