Friday, October 26, 2007

sold my soul to the devil

i made a really stupid trade yesterday in fantasy football. desperate to acquire the services of jesse chatman, a backup running back who has been thrust into the spotlight, i traded lee evans, a wide reciever who i know is going to blow up and put up a ridiculous amount of points in the next week or two. i had placed a waiver claim for him over the weekend when my starter, ronnie brown, was injured. although i did not get chatman, i was willing to give up a lot to get him.

just looking back on the trade, i can't believe how much of an idiot i was. i let a perfectly good, yet underachieving receiver go for a backup running who won't even play that much. we'll see how it works out. in a perfect world, lee evans would hit be a bus tomorrow and jesse chatman is the greatest thing since sliced bread. touche, danny mulrine, and i hope you have a better record than me because of my stupidity.

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