Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the end of perfection

last week signified the end of an era for me. it was an era full of academic prestige and glory, and something that i could hold over all of my peers. the 4.0. the one thing that any serious student strives for, the reason why the waste their lives away at the library instead of drinking in five points. regardless of anything negative in my life, i could always hang my hat on that 4.0. but not anymore. i received my grade for internship and to be frank, i'm not surprised.

it was a moment that was going to happen, sooner or later. losing the 4.0 was bound to happen, whether through my internship or business communications or even beginning tennis. apparently, my bosses were not kind with my evaluation for the entire summer, as i'm sure they expected much more than i put forth. granted, there were times i didn't exert my best effort, but i was always willing and ready to help. i mean shit, i put so much time into this job that i had to break up with my girlfriend so i can fully commit to my job and be normal. but after writing that they were stupid and did not know anything about computers in my term paper, it was going to happen. a closed-doors meeting just wasn't enough. they weren't going to let that final jab slip.

anyway, i'm really glad that i lost the 4.0. in a way, there's less pressure for me to keep it. i can now let my guard down and get that B+ or B every once in a while. which is good, because right now, i just need to survive for the next year and a half. i just want to get of college alive and with my sanity. but for now, a 3.96 will do for me. not a big deal. there's more important things to life than grades. i just have to find them now.

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